New Mobile Data Vault App for Android Released

This post was originally published under the same title on the Personal blog, A Personal Stand.

We just released a new version of our Data Vault app for Android. The iOS version will be available soon.

The updated Data Vault app is designed to be interoperable with our new Fill It mobile app – as well as with the Web versions of both Fill It (browser extension) and the Data Vault.

To celebrate the occasion, and to ask for feedback from Android developers and users, we are offering a free lifetime subscription to (a $29.99 per year value) for the next 10,000 people to download the Fill It and Data Vault apps from Google Play.

To take advantage of this offer, please use this link to register:

And then download both apps for Android here:

Data you create in any of the apps will be stored securely in your private, cloud-based Data Vault, and will then be instantly synced across devices. We have also improved the user interface, and created more streamlined, intuitive options for adding data – including by using forms in Fill It.

You can search, add or edit your information and passwords on the go, even when offline. Easy touch and hold functionality allows you to copy and paste info wherever you need – e.g. Wi-Fi and passwords.

Unlike password managers and digital wallets, Personal’s Data Vault supports over 1,000 different types of reusable data, as well as encrypted photos, documents and notes:

  • • passwords & account info
  • • Wi-Fi & alarm codes
  • • personal info for you & family
  • • SSN, IDs and driver’s license
  • • travel & passports
  • • shopping & rewards programs
  • • health
  • • banking & credit cards
  • • insurance
  • • pets
  • • vehicles
  • • home & office

Please let us know what you think by tweeting to us @personal, or by sending us feedback at:


Author: Shane Green

Empowering people with their data. CEO (US) Co-founder & CEO of Personal (merged with and TeamData. Previously co-founder & CEO of The Map Network (acquired by Nokia/NAVTEQ), Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. and @shanegreen

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