Launching ‘Fill It’

This post was originally published under the same title on the Personal blog, A Personal Stand.


Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of “Fill It”, a new app built on the Personal Platform that makes it easier for you to save and reuse your personal information and passwords online.

Fill It for Easy, Secure Password Management

With Personal’s mobile and web data vault, you can already securely store, retrieve and safely share your logins and passwords. With Fill It, you no longer have to copy and paste passwords to log in to websites. Fill It does it for you in seconds.

Initially launched as a bookmarklet, Fill It automatically delivers usernames and passwords from your vault to log you in to websites in seconds. You can also create and save new passwords on the fly. Fill It enables you to get control of all of your passwords so you can stop using the same or easy passwords across sites, saving you time, while significantly increasing your security. (Mobile logins continue to use one touch copying to clipboard to paste into native and mobile web apps.)

Fill It for Fast Registration and Checkouts

Fill It also allows you to easily fill out registrations and checkouts by enabling you to securely reuse personal and work information, credit card and reward numbers, and other information from across your life. Fill It can help you reclaim dozens of hours of time each year, conveniently shop online and enjoy greater peace of mind by not having your sensitive information on so many sites.

Fill It for Longer Forms

Unlike other form filling solutions, Fill It can leverage thousands of different fields of data (and they’re growing by the day) from Personal’s web and mobile data vault, enabling much more in-depth form filling for a wider variety of forms, such as applications – and with a higher degree of protection.

It’s our mission to make the manual, repetitive, and time-consuming process of filling out forms a thing of the past. With your help – and that of companies, sites and organizations – we can. Just let them know about Fill It and that they should improve the forms on their sites according to best practices.

Getting Started

It’s easy to get started. Simply add Fill It to your bookmark bar. Then go to an online login or form and click “Fill It.”

When filling out a form for the first time, Fill It saves that information in your Personal data vault if it’s not already stored there. Whenever you need that information again, just click “Fill It” to automatically complete the form in seconds.

What does life with Fill It look like? Meet Sarah. Sarah’s a busy mom who uses Fill It to make her life easier – whether it’s logging in to websites, shopping online, storing her kids’ information or keeping track of shipping addresses around the holidays. Watch our video to learn more about Sarah and Fill It.

Calling All Developers, Companies and Organizations

We invite developers, companies and organizations of all types (government, schools, non-profits) to embrace and promote auto-completion of logins and forms with Fill It.

For every form you optimize for auto-form filling, you can save thousands of hours of time and hassle for your customers or constituents, and significantly increase your conversion rates and the quality of the service you deliver.

It starts with following best practices in how you design and implement forms and data fields. Check out the guide we created for you for more details.

Author: Shane Green

Empowering people with their data. CEO (US) Co-founder & CEO of Personal (merged with and TeamData. Previously co-founder & CEO of The Map Network (acquired by Nokia/NAVTEQ), Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. and @shanegreen

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